As a recreational athlete and Physical Therapist, David Houk, PT, CSCS, cultivated an interest in combining the physical therapy and personal training models for several years. After his 5+ years of experience in various physical therapy settings within the traditional healthcare model, David grew increasingly convinced he could provide higher quality care in a less traditional model. Certain that individualized fascial/bodywork combined with the appropriate exercise is critical for quality living, Functional Health and Fitness was born.

After creating Functional Health and Fitness in August of 2013, David joined like-minded professionals at Ageless Health and Fitness in West Little Rock in order to provide cost effective and quality healthcare.

In January of 2016, FHF opened its own facility at 2516 Cantrell Road at the bottom of Cantrell Hill near the Heights and Riverdale. Functional Health and Fitness is an integrated Physical Therapy practice that specializes in hands-on therapy and individualized functional exercise program design. "I am passionate about individualizing client care and empowering clients as they become more proactive in their own healthcare," Houk states.

Functional Health and Fitness offers Physical Therapy and Functional Training services in a fee-for-service company structure. We do not file insurance.


45 minute Physical Therapy Appointment  $75

30 minute Personal Training Appointment  $55

15 minute Quick Tune-Up Appointment $35

Epley Maneuver  $40

David Houk PT, CSCS

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