"David is really great at listening to his clients. This allows him to pinpoint your trigger points and focus on helping with your pain." --MH

"I can't say enough great things about David Houk. He is keeping this body going! He's gotten me through having a torn rotator cuff (without surgery), keeps my lower back in good shape (too much standing on my feet) and helped heal my ankle and wrist after a bad fall. David also makes working out fun and interesting with his arsenal of innovative techniques. So glad a friend recommended him to me!" --KH

"For 3 years I couldn't walk more than half a block without a cane.  When I did walk, I had a very pronounced limp, and I had given up on ever walking normally again.  After working with the team at FHF, I have been cane and limp free for almost 2 years now.  I cannot tell you how grateful I am to David Houk and the people at FHF.  They changed my life." --OF

"When I was diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis I thought taking medication and living with the pain were my only options.  A client of David's convinced me to go for an evaluation and I'm so happy I did.  I've had reduced pain and increased mobility after treatment.   I'm back out doing yard work and enjoying a better quality of life."  RFA

"Having worked with David for two years, I can tell you that he brings an upbeat, focused, sincere, professional, and fun attitude.  He does an excellent job customizing programs to each person's specific needs, which for him is easy given his wealth of knowledge about fitness and physical therapy.  David always starts with good questions before a session to know where you are today."  --MJ

Client Testimonials

"David Houk has been treating me for two years as I continue to deal with challenges that resulted from a cycling accident. He is a caring and consummate professional who helps me achieve my goals of being a very active person. In addition to physical therapy, David has personalized a training program for me that has resulted in strength, flexibility and pain-free mobility. Through his personal care, commitment and guidance, I am moving through my busy and active life with strength, stability and confidence without pain." --CP

"I first went to David on the recommendation of a friend.  What a gift that was!  The pain in my back and hips was impacting the quality of my life.  His assessment and treatment plan gave me such relief that I soon was working with him as my personal trainer and feeling better than I had in years."  BMW